LEAP films


Mark G Lonsdale | Producer

Mark has been a producer for 20 years. He has made broadcast programmes for Channel Four, Channel Five, MTV and the BBC. After a successful career in music videos, where Garage was his genre, he has gone on to make award winning short dramas and documentaries.

His focus at Leap is campaign films for fashion, telecoms and lifestyle brands.

“Our big thing at Leap is to build trust and a rapport with our clients, that allows us to be creative. Then we can focus on crafting a story together, something that will really hit home and get a big audience response. Connect, create, then bingo!”

Lucian Evans | Producer & Director

Lucian is a highly experienced producer and occasional director at Leap Films. He has produced corporates, commercials, music videos, super 8mm films and animations in his time at Leap.

As co-owner of Leap Films with Mark, Lucian is keen to continue building Leap’s creative brand of story making in an ever changing digital landscape. A keen motorcyclist, cyclist and runner, Lucian is often found exhausted and snoozing in a darkened edit suite.

“We really pride ourselves on developing talent here, on every project we are looking to build our team and pick up on the most exciting talent in London and beyond.”

Chloe Burrell | Assistant Producer & Production Manager

A new asset to the Leap Films team, Chloe is the production manager for our corporate and campaign films.

With a fast growing background in producing and AP work, she provides support both on set and behind the scenes to ensure a smooth-running project for every client.

Chloe directed and produced Leap’s highly successful campaign film for the Daphne Oram crowd-funding campaign in association with Adapt for Arts

Magdalena Herfurtner | Online Content Coordinator

Magdalena is a classical singer, musician and writer born in Mallersdorf, Germany.

With her band EYCROMON, she recorded two studio albums and produced/codirected two music videos. She has studied both scriptwriting and filmmaking and developed extensive practical knowledge of high impact social media, building online communities and brand profiles.

Currently, Magdalena is working on her short film Fragility (Director/Writer/Producer).

Justin Evans | Content Marketing Strategist

Justin is an experienced digital media professional who helps Leap Films build strong commercial relationships with larger organisations. He is also a strategist that assists Leap in the direction of our brand.

Justin formerly worked as European Director at Time Warner AOL Europe, director at Westway to the World, IBT and BMW.

Justin loves cricket, motoring and noir, but never at the same time.

Tom Cowle | Web Developer

Tom is a web systems developer specialising in user experience and digital content management. He has produced web sites for major brands including Arcadia Group, The Co-Operative Food, Panasonic, Sony, Triumph and WKD. 

At Leap Tom provides online video delivery, social media integration and web platform development services.